Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why This Techie Beginning?

After spending more than an hour in playing with the settings of new blog and getting nothing, I have begun to write for the beginning.

On wasting 4 years in college, then joining Amdocs, suddenly some day I realized that whatever I know about software that is equivalent to nothing. At one point I felt like giving up, but then I felt I should not be so harsh to myself. And then I gave myself one more chance to see if I can do anything more. I restarted from basics. And it is a fun!!

With guidance from real techie guys, I realized how wrong my way of learning was!! But now I can keep hopes.

As I am/was so used to my old habits of learning, in the course of acquiring new habits, many times I happen to forget the tips given to me by people or by myself. So to visualize those tips, I have started writing this blog which will remind me of those tips and will be strictly for technical things that I learn everyday. (Hope so. :D)

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