Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Types of Computers

I happened to read an article about Netbooks in the morning. And i did wiki on it. So it navigated me to Nettops. And this navigated to Tablet PC.

Laptop = Notebook
Netbook = small sized less powerful laptop
Nettop = small sized less powerful desktop
Tablet PC = Looks like a slate. It may not have a dedicated keyboard. But we can use wireless keyboard for it. Usually, it has touch screen. So dedicated keyboard is not required.Slate seems to be somewhat same.
Convertibles = the base of a convertible attaches to the display at a single joint called a swivel hinge or rotating hinge. The joint allows the screen to rotate around 180° and fold down on top of the keyboard to provide a flat writing surface.(this definition is from wikipedia)
Hybrids = combination of Convertibles and slates.
Web Tablet = Provides more mobility than laptops. This is for wireless internet connection and information acces.
CrunchPad = Low cost Web tablet
Chumby = The Chumby is an ambient consumer electronics product made by Chumby Industries, Inc.. It is an embedded computer which provides Internet and LAN access via a Wi-Fi connection. Through this connection, the Chumby runs various software widgets.(again from wiki)

Now i am moving from general computers (to which we actually call computer) to any computing device. So i will stop here. But there so many of these. We can find them any time. :)

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